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12-week Beginners’ Fitness Guide

Fit Ever After

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Designed for Active Women by Active Women

Anna Veretennikova
Fitness traner
B.B.A., ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Academy Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Former Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete, Fitness Trainer since 2005.

Ivette Russo
wellness coach
Doctor of Psychology. Dr. Russo specializes in treating and assessing emotional disorders in children, adolescents, and adults.

Patty Hernandez
healthy foodie
B.S. in Nutrition. Patty is a healthy food enthusiast and a volunteer with a nonprofit organization teaching kids how to cook simple healthy meals from around the world.

12-week Beginners’ Fitness Guide “Fit Ever After”

Systematically organized step-by-step fitness and health guide

Designed by professionals in areas of fitness, nutrition and psychology

12-week at-home exercise plan with 33 different workouts and additional cardio training guidance

12 concepts of our Nutrition Phiosophy that you’ll learn and practice week by week

12 wellness coaching advices from Dr. Russo to keep your body and mind in sync

Pictures and video guidance for every exercise

12 Bonus workouts for overachievers

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Every week you’ll have a checklist that will include:

Your at-home workout plan for the week with detailed descriptions of exercises and techniques, photo and video visuals

Cardio workout suggestions

One concept of our Nutrition Philosophy that you will learn and practice for a week

Wellness coaching advice from Dr. Russo

Tips for the week

Bonus workout for overachievers

What is “Fit Ever After” Guide?

12-week Beginners’ Fitness Guide “Fit Ever After” is a kick-starter of your journey to a fitter, healthier and happier you! This is a systematically organized step-by-step program designed by professionals in areas of fitness, nutrition and psychology. Since healthy lifestyle has no finish line while the importance of your start is crucial, we want you to get off on the right foot.

Is it an exercise plan?

Yes, “Fit Ever After” guide offers easy to follow workouts that can be done at home with only a few small pieces of equipment like a set of dumbbells, resistance band and medicine ball. The training intensity is designed to accommodate people at different fitness levels: beginners and women with some experience in exercising. In order to ensure your progress, the workouts will become more and more challenging as you move from one week to another.

Does it provide any nutrition guidance?

Of course it does! Our approach to fitness isn’t all about exercising although it’s incredibly important. Healthy Nutrition is just as critical to your wellbeing and success of reaching any fitness goal you’ve set up! Therefore the major aim of “Fit Ever After” Guide is to teach you (or review) the basics of healthy eating in a way that you don’t get too overwhelmed or find them too hard to follow. You’ll go over core principles of our Nutritional Philosophy during the first week, continue practicing it the following week while learning a new concept. And just like that – step-by-step – you’ll build upon every week and gradually transition your eating habits to much healthier ones!

Starting off isn’t easy… How do I stay on track?

We are always here for you! The third major component of “Fit Ever After” Guide is a weekly wellness coaching advises from Dr. Russo. These are the words of support and encouragement, hints and tips on how to deal with challenges and changes of your lifestyle transition…and so much more. Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional psychological guidance because it remains your body and mind in sync.

Is the guide available in digital form?

Of course we took into account your busy schedule so the plan is available in digital form and can be easily accessed from any device: your phone, tablet or computer. You may as well print out some of its pages – the Nutrition Philosophy for example – and stick them to your refrigerator for a quick reference and for your family use.

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