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Salad “A La Mexicana” with Corn and Avocado

Cooking Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 cup of romaine lettuce, chopped
  • 1 medium size tomato, chopped
  • ½ of bell pepper,
  • 1/2 corn on the cob
  • 1/3 avocado, chopped
  • 1 green onion, chopped
  • Cilantro (for garnishing)


  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Juice of ¼ lime
  • 1 Tbsp. of olive oil


Here is another simple salad recipe that will become a party favorite in no time! We promise! No fancy techniques here – just chop all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl with the dressing.


Bon Appetite!

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