Nutritional Philosophy


Basic principles of our nutritional philosophy are meant to encourage simple healthy habits. The goal is for you to gradually improve the way you eat while making a simple and smooth transition to a healthier you! Our mission is to simply educate you.

This is not a fad diet. This is a change in lifestyle and in food choices. You will not need to count calories, points, etc. You will likely not see drastic immediate results because we are NOT promoting any extreme methods of weight loss by putting your body in starvation mode. However, you will see a gradual change in how you feel and some weight loss depending on how closely you follow our guidance.

For many, following our guidelines isnt’s a huge challenge, especially if you are in tune with health. But for some, it may be a challenge to change your daily eating habits, especially if they are not healthy ones. Moderation is key.

Warning: You will be tempted to “cheat” or regress to an unhealthy habit (like binge on that hot fudge sundae). Guess what? That’s ok. We are human. That’s why we have built in the 80/20 rule. Practice our healthy recommendations 80% of the time and have it your way 20% of the time. Perhaps on 1 day of the week, like Saturdays, you can allow yourself to rebel and indulge! Or if you want to stay “good” 100% of the time, you can reward yourself with a mani/pedi, a massage, a movie, a new bra/panty or whatever floats your boat.

There are basic principles of our nutritional philosophy:

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