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12-Week Beginners’ Fitness Guide:
12-Week Beginners’ Fitness Guide:
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Enjoy a Cruise Vacation without Sacrificing Your Fitness!

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N is almost a chronic craving to escape from our routine life! We are dreaming of it, making plans, counting down the days and what not. The ultimate need of rest and recharge is reaching its peak the closer we get to the day X… Now stop for a second! As a health & fitness…

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Healthy Nutrition
Your Guide to Snacking + 8 Snacks Under 200 Calories

Don’t underestimate the power of a GOOD SNACK! It doesn’t just curb your appetite – it allows you to feel more energized, alert at work and do a much better job during your workout! Snacks keep your blood glucose level steadier since they prevent its dips throughout the day. However a bad choice of snack…

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My Fit Kitchen
Healthy Recipe of Lemon Chicken Roll-Ups with Tomato & Cheese
Lemon Chicken Roll-Ups with Tomato & Cheese

183 CALORIES per 2 roll-ups/16g of PROTEIN/3g of CARBS/ 11g of TOTAL FAT Our Lemon Chicken Roll-Ups with Tomato & Cheese deserve to be served for a special occasion as much as to be taken to work in a lunch box! They are healthy, pretty looking and super yummy at the same time. Pair these roll-ups with a side of whole grains (like wild/brown rice, barley, buckwheat), wholegrain pasta, quinoa, grilled veggies or salad.

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Wellness Coaching
The Mindful Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

“Don’t just look, observe. Don’t just swallow, taste. Don’t just sleep, dream. Don’t just think, feel. Don’t just exist, live.” Most of us go throughout our day on auto pilot, flying along through our daily routine. Having a routine and things constant helps us organize ourselves and lives better, but that very routine can hamper…

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Exercise Library
Over 140 Exercise Videos!
We provide you with detailed video guidance on how to do over 140 different exercises. Watch & learn various modifications for beginners and more advanced trainees. Discover new exercises and challenges!
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Isabel Kazieva Zelman

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis on my back at the age of 21. Exercising made me feel like I had control over my arthritis, not the other way around. I’m in control! Take that doc! I can do it! And it’s helping me.

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